Friday, August 30, 2013

Sixty Three Weeks

Max seems to love holding my hands this week, and I'm loving it. He will ask to hold my hand to go down the steps, and then he will hold on for a few more steps. Usually he would just let go after the last step, but now he holds on until I'm slowing him down. He's a little man on the move, he doesn't need a slow old lady holding him back!

While nursing, he's also wanting to hold my hands this week. He's been holding my hand on his foot (he still loves his feet to be rubbed), or on his leg, or even his belly. I love the baby cuddles! 

When we sit to read books this week, he wants to hold on to my left hand with his left. Right hands are for holding the book (mine) or for turning pages (his), not for holding each other. All business. Favorite books this week are Two to Cuddle and 100 Machines. He's also holding my hand while he watches TV! So sweet!  

Steeling tomatoes out of the garden!

Going up the stairs backwards. Yes. That's a new thing this week. He goes down them one by one, while holding onto my hand. Once he gets to the bottom, he starts feeling his way back up the steps with his feet. This requires flexibility and balance, and he's got both! On about the third step, he starts giggling too much to continue and we go back down again. Silly kid. 

Last week his kisses were all open mouthed and crazy. This week he is back to putting his lips on ours. I think this is his Daddy's favorite thing right now. 

He's been riding his tricycle and truck outside this week. He thinks it's a great time! He especially likes to put his feet up and get pushed around. Going down the driveway is especially hilarious for him.

He is really starting to love the sunglasses that his Grandma bought him! He makes cute little poses, and walks up to us to see him. He's a little show off. A cute show off though :)

Wednesday (8/28) was Max's one year anniversary at daycare. I was glad that Daddy dropped him off, because I was emotional as it was. Max's sweet daycare teacher sent us a photo collage to mark the date, and I started crying at work. I'm such a sap! I loved seeing it though, it's awesome to have something like that from someone who genuinely cares about your child. We love that place! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sixty Two Weeks

Buttons! Max has learned how to use two important buttons/switches this week, and he's thrilled. First, there is a button on a fire truck that he received for his birthday. It's kind of hidden, and you push it in an odd way, but it turns on the sirens! I've been showing him the button for weeks, and helping him understand how it works. This week he started pressing it himself! He gets so excited and looks up at me like he's surprised, each and every time. Over and over. I haven't snapped a picture yet, because he picks the truck up and heads for the camera when he sees it. He's such a ham :)

The other button he learned about is the one that operates the light in our bedroom. It's one of those buttons on the cord, which is on the floor. He likes to use his foot to turn it on and off, and giggle at me when I act like I can't see him. This is part of the nighttime routine of course, and he thinks it's the best. 

Max isn't the only one learning new tricks. This week I learned that I can say the word "bath" when Max is doing anything in the world, and he will stop and walk into the bathroom. Trying to break into the locked cabinet? I say the word bath and he stops, walks into the bathroom, leans against the tub, and starts going "ahh ahh" in excitement. Good trick! Of course, the help with cleaning up his bath toys is still awesome. 

He's still in love with music. Last night we sang songs for twenty minutes before bed. To request "If You're Happy and You Know It" he claps and holds his hands. To request "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" he holds his hands on his head. He isn't too into "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" yet, but we are working on it. 

He's getting so good at kicking the ball around. He and Daddy play ball in the kitchen and out in the backyard. Max loves chasing the ball when Daddy plays keepaway, but Max is quite good on his own. His hand-eye coordination is impressive to me, he's better than I am! 

He likes his swing again! For a week or so, he hated his swing. It was the craziest thing. But he loves it again, and he had a blast in it. He always wants to swing higher and higher, and squeals so loud. He's a little daredevil!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sixty One Weeks

More words! He's more vocal than ever, and even getting some words down too!

Whenever Max hands us something (which at this age happens a lot), I always say, "Thank you!" This week he started saying, "gake-oo" when he hands me things! It's the best! Today I saw him give something to a boy at daycare, and he said it to him too. Adorable :)

Max doesn't love being woken up (well, who does?), so I was goofing around yesterday to wake him up. I had a romper with a big dog face on it, and I was having it bark as I wiggled it around. He was laughing and then started barking back! He was more than excited to put the romper on after that. As we were going into daycare later, he was pointing to the dog's face and going, "ak ak ak!" He's so smart and cute! 

Other words... He says "mulka" to mimic me when I ask if he wants milk. "Hullo" had been pretty fun this week when greeting people. "Cah" is still his favorite though! 

He's getting better at pushing himself along while he is sitting on his tricycle. He often stands up and just walks while over it though, when he's in his rushed baby mood. He has places to go and people to see! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fourteen Months

Max is fourteen months old today, on the fourteenth! 

He's running everywhere! Sometimes he stumbles because he doesn't want to slow down. Reminds me of his mommy in that way. 

We are still nursing, and he doesn't seem to have any interest in slowing down anytime soon. I've dropped pumping sessions so that I'm pumping just enough to keep up with his intake at daycare. Sometimes I get stressed because I'm not making double or triple what he consumes, but that's just silly. I'm making enough, and still keep a small stash in the freezer. 

He's loving solid food. We are basically feeding him whatever we eat for dinner at this point. He loves pizza! We focus on veggies and fruits for the most part, but he loves dairy and carbs. Bread and pasta? Yum! 

Cloth diapering is getting even better! I finally found the best way to strip the diapers. I've read that it can be a lot of ti and error (due to water types, washer, etc), and that was true. I can't believe it took me this long, but I'm thrilled! 

Max has one month left in the infant room in daycare.  He transitions when he is fifteen months old. Eek! That will be such a big milestone! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sixty Weeks

Max is such a good little helper! He loves sweeping the floor for me when he sees me trying. He thinks the broom is funny and tries so hard to sweep with it. We are looking for a toy one for him now, he will have a blast with it. He is picking up all of the sticks on our porch and handing them to me, it's adorable!  

Gramma got him some new sneakers, so he has been wearing them a ton! He's had to be wearing shoes for weeks now, he loves having nothing but sneakers and a diaper on. Sounds like his daddy! :)

We went to the zoo this past weekend. Max loved running around, and watching all of the other kids. They animals weren't really interesting him, but he had a good time with us. His favorite part was the splash park, he was running around an getting sprayed by water and laughing. It was a blast! 

Max walked into and out of daycare Tuesday, like a big boy! He trots around there like he's a little celebrity, making faces and waving for everyone that walks by. He's such a ham!

Kisses! Max is giving us lots of kisses now. It's probably my favorite thing this week. He's such an affectionate little boy, we are so lucky.