Friday, August 16, 2013

Sixty One Weeks

More words! He's more vocal than ever, and even getting some words down too!

Whenever Max hands us something (which at this age happens a lot), I always say, "Thank you!" This week he started saying, "gake-oo" when he hands me things! It's the best! Today I saw him give something to a boy at daycare, and he said it to him too. Adorable :)

Max doesn't love being woken up (well, who does?), so I was goofing around yesterday to wake him up. I had a romper with a big dog face on it, and I was having it bark as I wiggled it around. He was laughing and then started barking back! He was more than excited to put the romper on after that. As we were going into daycare later, he was pointing to the dog's face and going, "ak ak ak!" He's so smart and cute! 

Other words... He says "mulka" to mimic me when I ask if he wants milk. "Hullo" had been pretty fun this week when greeting people. "Cah" is still his favorite though! 

He's getting better at pushing himself along while he is sitting on his tricycle. He often stands up and just walks while over it though, when he's in his rushed baby mood. He has places to go and people to see! 

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