Friday, August 30, 2013

Sixty Three Weeks

Max seems to love holding my hands this week, and I'm loving it. He will ask to hold my hand to go down the steps, and then he will hold on for a few more steps. Usually he would just let go after the last step, but now he holds on until I'm slowing him down. He's a little man on the move, he doesn't need a slow old lady holding him back!

While nursing, he's also wanting to hold my hands this week. He's been holding my hand on his foot (he still loves his feet to be rubbed), or on his leg, or even his belly. I love the baby cuddles! 

When we sit to read books this week, he wants to hold on to my left hand with his left. Right hands are for holding the book (mine) or for turning pages (his), not for holding each other. All business. Favorite books this week are Two to Cuddle and 100 Machines. He's also holding my hand while he watches TV! So sweet!  

Steeling tomatoes out of the garden!

Going up the stairs backwards. Yes. That's a new thing this week. He goes down them one by one, while holding onto my hand. Once he gets to the bottom, he starts feeling his way back up the steps with his feet. This requires flexibility and balance, and he's got both! On about the third step, he starts giggling too much to continue and we go back down again. Silly kid. 

Last week his kisses were all open mouthed and crazy. This week he is back to putting his lips on ours. I think this is his Daddy's favorite thing right now. 

He's been riding his tricycle and truck outside this week. He thinks it's a great time! He especially likes to put his feet up and get pushed around. Going down the driveway is especially hilarious for him.

He is really starting to love the sunglasses that his Grandma bought him! He makes cute little poses, and walks up to us to see him. He's a little show off. A cute show off though :)

Wednesday (8/28) was Max's one year anniversary at daycare. I was glad that Daddy dropped him off, because I was emotional as it was. Max's sweet daycare teacher sent us a photo collage to mark the date, and I started crying at work. I'm such a sap! I loved seeing it though, it's awesome to have something like that from someone who genuinely cares about your child. We love that place! 

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