Friday, August 23, 2013

Sixty Two Weeks

Buttons! Max has learned how to use two important buttons/switches this week, and he's thrilled. First, there is a button on a fire truck that he received for his birthday. It's kind of hidden, and you push it in an odd way, but it turns on the sirens! I've been showing him the button for weeks, and helping him understand how it works. This week he started pressing it himself! He gets so excited and looks up at me like he's surprised, each and every time. Over and over. I haven't snapped a picture yet, because he picks the truck up and heads for the camera when he sees it. He's such a ham :)

The other button he learned about is the one that operates the light in our bedroom. It's one of those buttons on the cord, which is on the floor. He likes to use his foot to turn it on and off, and giggle at me when I act like I can't see him. This is part of the nighttime routine of course, and he thinks it's the best. 

Max isn't the only one learning new tricks. This week I learned that I can say the word "bath" when Max is doing anything in the world, and he will stop and walk into the bathroom. Trying to break into the locked cabinet? I say the word bath and he stops, walks into the bathroom, leans against the tub, and starts going "ahh ahh" in excitement. Good trick! Of course, the help with cleaning up his bath toys is still awesome. 

He's still in love with music. Last night we sang songs for twenty minutes before bed. To request "If You're Happy and You Know It" he claps and holds his hands. To request "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" he holds his hands on his head. He isn't too into "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" yet, but we are working on it. 

He's getting so good at kicking the ball around. He and Daddy play ball in the kitchen and out in the backyard. Max loves chasing the ball when Daddy plays keepaway, but Max is quite good on his own. His hand-eye coordination is impressive to me, he's better than I am! 

He likes his swing again! For a week or so, he hated his swing. It was the craziest thing. But he loves it again, and he had a blast in it. He always wants to swing higher and higher, and squeals so loud. He's a little daredevil!

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