Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sixty Five Weeks

Max has been clearly pointing at objects that he wants for weeks now. His new trick is to use his arms to turn my shoulders towards what he wants. He's steering his Mommy like a horse! Little monster. It's so cute. So he'll steer me into a specific room, and then point to what he wants. Smart kid, and he certainly knows what he wants. 

He's getting really good with utensils! He's properly using a fork to pick up his food, which is his favorite utensil. He's getting really good with a spoon too, he's getting lots of practice with his yogurt! Oh, and he has a new trick with a utensil that is most likely unique for toddlers. A steak brush! He love running around with it everywhere and playing with it like a toy. But the best part? He's using it to trigger the water dispenser on the fridge door! This kid loves water so much that he's figured out a way to get it on his own. My jaw just dropped the first time I witnessed this. Looks like I'm going to have to use the lock feature on that thing! 

It looks like Max likes to organize nowadays. His recent organization trick? He wants to put his food in containers while he is eating. He wants everything in a bowl, nothing on the tray any more. He's so proper! I used to open a plastic container and empty its contents onto his tray to pick up. No more! He requests the container and eats out of that. He started this by asking for the bowl after I emptied it onto the tray, and he picked everything up one by one and placed it in the bowl. Smarty pants. Then he ate it all. He likes things neat I guess. I have no idea where he got that from... hehe.

Last week he loved Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. He loved his song book and requesting it by flipping to that page. Now we'll be in the car or out and about and he will tap his head to request the song. Then we sing it and I get some big smiles out of him. His adorable smiles just kill me. 

School pictures are this week! I'm so excited to see them. He's a total ham for the camera, so I know they'll be great! 

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