Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sixty Seven Weeks

Max has picked up a new word! Well two words to be exact. Belly button! Well, it sounds more like "bewy bun" but you get the point. He likes to point from his to mine and say the name, and giggle while tucking his head into his shoulders. He thinks it's a very funny word. I'm loving this phase. 

He's also started to sign for more. This is coming in very handy around meal time! He doesn't sign it by the book, he does more of a pointing with his right index finger into his left palm. It's way cuter than the textbook version. It's also just as effective, so it's perfect. You can tell that he feels more power with this new sign, he gets a look of determination in his eyes when he signs it. Yay for communication tools, I love baby sign language! 

So, back to the issue of hunger at daycare pickup. Every time I walk in and out of daycare, I walk by a basket of crackers. I don't think I've ever paid attention to it really. On our way out Monday, I saw another child getting a cracker out of the basket. So I said, hey, why not? I grabbed a cracker for Max and headed out. We got into the car and I opened the cracker for him, and he munched away as I buckled him in. Hooray!! This is the first time he's been tolerant of getting into the car in a few weeks. He munches on a cracker for the ride, and then we nurse when we get home. It's great! Guess what happened Tuesday as we left? He pointed to the basket and looked at me, signing for more. Well, it looks like it's a great trick! It's worked all week. Poor munchkin just needed a snack in his belly before dinner. Note: I'm not upset that he's not having a snack at daycare later in the day. They're purposely not messing up his dinner appetite for us, which I appreciate. 

Oh, and a new food this week! Daddy shared his chocolate chip ice cream with Max tonight. He seemed to love it, and kept signing for more (yup, he's signing that a lot now that he knows how!). They were having so much fun together with the ice cream, taking turns and going "mmmm" together. 

Grapes! I never thought we could pull it off, but we kept our grape vine alive long enough to grow grapes! There are a ton! Max loves grapes, and he happened to be with me when I discovered the grapes, so guess what happened? He started munching away. He was going crazy, he was pushing them into his mouth before he could even swallow. No choking or anything, don't worry, but the munchkin was just loving the grapes. Now when we go outside, he runs from plant to plant. Tomatoes, blueberries, and grapes. Yum yum yum. Stuffing his face at each one until he wants to go to the next. It's so fun to have these plants in our yard for him to munch away like that. Plus, it's free and organic! How can you go wrong with that? 

Max isn't just using sign language to tell me what he wants. When he's done with bath time, he will point to the toy holder to tell me that it's time to put the toys away. I pull it down for him, and we put all of the toys in it together. He's all business when he's putting the toys away, such a serious little guy. Then he stands up, and holds his hands together on his belly as he waits to be lifted out. He's such a character. Next, I put him on the towel and he stands there to wait for a towel to be wrapped around him. He's not trying to run out the door anymore, he knows the routing. Plus, he loves to look at himself in the mirror with his monkey / bear / etc hooded towels on. That cracks him up. 

We have new silly games with him. Daddy and Max each hold a napking or a piece of paper and wave it up and down as fast as they can. Max thinks this is the best, and laughs and laughs. The whole time this is going on, he's looking up at his Daddy with the best look of love and admiration. It's so fun to watch. The new game with Mommy is a bit different. Max will grab my hand, pull my fingers into his mouth, and then laugh his head off when I say "ow!" He laughs his awesome belly laugh and lets my hand out, and once he's done laughing he pulls the fingers in again. He thinks making me say "ow" is hilarious! 

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