Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sixty Six Weeks

Max is getting great with knowing body parts! He now knows where nose, eyes, ear, head, mouth and belly button are. He love the pointing game to tell me where each is. He's also learned to do a bark when I ask what a dog says, and a quack for ducks. He loves quacking with his rubber duckies in the tub. 

So this weekend we played in puddles again. It's a little different when you play in a puddle AFTER a rain storm rather than during. For one thing, it's a lot dirtier. We still had a blast, and I actually got pictures this time! We went out to play right after we woke up, even before breakfast. So please ignore the fact that I'm a naughty mom and let him play outside in his pajamas. 

I went to pick Max up from daycare Wednesday and he was drinking out of a cup! A real cup! He was drinking like a pro! It was a small clear dixie cup, and he looked so confident with it. He was spilling on himself a little bit, but it is huge at this age. I'm very excited for my little man. I'm also excited that I happened to have my phone on me (I never bring it in when I get him at school) and was able to snap a picture!

The sleep issues that I mentioned last week have gotten a lot better. We figured he just needed time to adjust, and it seems that it's working. That's a good sign. I was feeling bad that he was missing lunch with his classmates because he took an early nap. Speaking of food, the little monster seems to be starving when I pick him up from daycare now. He's on a different eating schedule in the toddler room, so he's hungry by 5:30pm. He's signing to nurse as soon as he sees me, and he is not a happy camper unless I nurse him in the car before putting him in his seat (note: I have tinted windows and a nursing cover in my car, do not be alarmed). 

We had a family trip to Home Depot this weekend, and Max was able to sit on a few lawn mowers. He was ecstatic! He wanted to sit in the seat by himself and hold onto the wheel. It was so cute. He went between three different lawn mowers, and we kept calling them tractors for him. Big green ones, just like in his book. He didn't want to leave the store! This little guy loves his trains, cars and tractors! 

Max has started doing the sweetest thing. When he's tired he will pull my hand to his side to rub his back. It helps him fall asleep, and it's the sweetest thing ever. It definitely tells me when he's ready for bed time. 

Oh! Another fun trick! He's unfolding the changing pad, putting it on the couch or floor, and then laying on it. Guess what that's his sign for? He looks so serious when he's unfolding it, so much concentration, and then he lays there and just looks at me. Come on, Mom, what are you waiting for? 

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