Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eighty Eight Weeks

We have a new favorite show this week. Max loves watching Bubble Guppies lately. He says "bubba guppa" to request it, and he loves to watch several episodes in a row. His favorite part is when the fish swim in the show, and of course the music. He's in love with fish lately. He's also started saying "I see you" when he comes out from under the blanket or behind a corner. He used to point and laugh, but now he's saying the words too! Uh oh, we have trouble! He still love the letter W of course, it's been his favorite for a few weeks now.

Max seems to love ketchup like I do. I remember that I really like ketchup (still do) as a kid, so it's hilarious to watch him. He will start with his fries to eat the ketchup, but he quickly resorts to his fork or fingers to eat it up. He gets it all over the place, and then puts his arms up for a big hug. Sometimes I think he's planning this, clever little monster. Speaking of clever, he's learned a new trick when cleaning up during bath time. To get all of his bath letters together, he overlaps them in the water to make a long chain to pick up in one stroke, rather than one by one. How is he this smart already?

My favorite new thing this week has been something at daycare. When I come to pick him up, he runs up to me and says "home" over and over. Then he gets his bug hug and tries to leave on his own. He stands at the door and waits for me, or tries to escape on his own. He's walking out on his own too, which makes him seem so grown up to me!

Last night he brought my phone to me and said "did-cher" and waited for me to open the camera function. Then he posed for a bunch of pictures using the self-facing camera feature. Silly kid! He loves taking pictures and looking at his silly faces in the camera. I love to look at these faces! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eighty Seven Weeks

Because Max loves his alphabet so much, I bought him some bath tub letters. He is obsessed with them! He's having a blast naming all of the letters, sticking them to the wall, and of course biting them. His favorite one is W of course, and he holds it for most of his bath. When it's time to clean up his toys at the end of bath, he enjoys naming them all as he puts them into the container.

Daddy bought Max a little Thomas tent this week! Max is loving it! He was just so excited when he first saw it, and just stared. He hasn't started enjoying going inside it yet, he thinks it's a toy to push around. So we have this little boy pushing this big tent around the house like it's a toy train. He's so funny. Daddy and I took turns sitting inside it with him, and he's getting more comfortable with it. I have a feeling that he will really love this tent over time.

We have a couple of new words. He loves to yell "oh no" while putting hands on side of face when he drops something or makes a mess. He must have picked this up at school from another kid, it's just hilarious to see. If his food falls off the plate, he drops a toy, anything. It's so funny. He also says "ta da" loudly whenever he does something special. The other night at dinner, he spent a couple of minute figuring out how to make his fork stand up straight out of the spout of his sippy cup. He was so serious and focused. Then I hear him yell "ta da!" the huge grin on his face showed that he was so very proud of himself. After all of that work, I would be too!

For Christmas, Grampa McGorty gave Max a big fish pillow. We had put it away and lost track of it until this week (he received a TON of presents, so I'm not surprised). This thing is longer than Max, and very soft and smooth. Max loves carrying it around the house now, intermittently stopping to hug it and look at it with his arms extended. He'll say "shishie" repeatedly as he carries it around with his happy smile. It's the funniest things that he latches on to, and it's just so funny. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eighty Six Weeks

Max's sweet and loving personality is really coming out with something he has started doing. When he accidentally drops a toy, he has started to bend down and say "okay?" It's so sweet. He is definitely modeling after my behavior, even down to the bending over while he asks it. I have friends who tell me that their kids (same age) cuss when they drop their toys now, so I consider myself very lucky. What a good kid, right? So caring for his little toys.

We are still running around the house playing tag, he loves it so much. He loves to point at me and just laugh and laugh when I come out from hiding behind a wall or door. He loves to point, laugh, and then tackle me. His favorite way to get me to chase him is to start running when I tell him that it's time to change his diaper. When he hears "can I change your diaper" it must sound like "okay, let's play tag!" He hears me say it, looks up at me, and then takes off while laughing so hard. Then he just giggles and giggles as I wrestle with him while I change his diaper. Such a little jokester!

Max and I have been having a lot of fun with his bath crayons. He has been asking me to draw with him during bath time. I have been drawing his favorite shapes and letters. He gets so excited when I draw a star (his FAVORITE shape) or a car. He draws on top of the shapes and letters as I draw, and names them all as he goes. Bath graffiti is fun for us!

The letter H on his alphabet puzzle has a picture of a house behind it when you pick it up. Because of this, he calls the letter H "home" whenever he sees it. It's so sweet when he's naming all of his letters and he calls H "home" with pride. It's also adorable when he repeats "home" when we get home, and seems to happy to be there with us. He has also started saying coat, snow, outside and of course broom. Broom is a big one lately, especially with all of the sweeping. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Eighty Five Weeks

This past weekend, we had Max stay at his Gramma Jane's house for the night. When we came to pick him up, he came running up to me and hugged me. He then leaned back to look at me and hugged me again. He repeated this twice. It was like he couldn't believe I was real. Then when we were putting his coat on, he was saying "home" and leaning his body as he was pointing towards door. He loves being home lately. He also says "home" when we are walking up to the house and first get inside. 

When picking up from school, he runs right up to a picture of the three of us and points to me in the photo and says "mama" with a happy smile. Then he runs up to me and hugs me. The teachers in his room say that he points to our pictures and says our names all of the time. I think he loves having our picture up. Today after school he asked me for eskimo kisses. It was so sweet. I had taught him a few weeks ago to rub our noses together to kiss, and we hadn't done it in a little bit. But he remembered today and promptly asked for a nose kiss. He's so sweet!

He's growing up so fast! He's now in size 7 shoes! I can't believe it. He's also drinking water while holding his cup with only one hand! A real cup, just one hand. How is this happening so fast? He's also saying "bath" as he points to the tub, it's a clear way of telling me that it's bath time. He definitely has a cleaning gene, which I'm enjoying. He keeps asking me to sweep with him. He gives me a broom and he uses the other one and we sweep together. He'll push the dirt around for a few seconds, look up at me, smile, and then keep pushing. He just thinks it's so great to help out.

We have a new favorite food! We had tacos last night, and he loved them. He was watching how I ate them, and he wanted me to roll his up like mine. He'd feel all grown up and make his proud face as he held it and took a bite. Then he'd realize that it wasn't as easy to pick out his favorite pieces that way, so he would put it down and pull out the pieces he wanted to eat. But then he'd notice how I was eating them a moment later, and ask to have it rolled again. He's such a silly kid.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Eighty Four Weeks

Max has a few new words! He says Percy (Thomas' best friend), snow, apple, cold, and Santa. We put our Christmas card on the fridge, and he loves to point to each of us on it and name us all. He loves pointing at Santa and yelling it out. He also knows the difference between car and truck now, and says truck (well, almost). One of the cutest new words he has is butterfly. He'll say "bubbafie" and open and close his hands to mimic wings. It's adorable! It's been really cold lately. He has started saying "cold" to let us know it's cold outside. He says it over and over while walking to the car, it's so cute! 

His current favorite letter is W. He points to it on his puzzle board, and says it with a big smile. He has started to grab the puzzle piece, and run into the kitchen to grab the W magnet off of the fridge. He'll walk around the house with a W in each hand and look down at them every so often. He doesn't love holding the W pieces as much as the trains, but they're definitely a close second.

I love hearing him talk in his sleep. It's the most precious thing. The other night he was saying "mama" in his sleep as he was patting my arm. It was so sweet! I couldn't help but give him a big kiss on his cheek. If this kid only knew just how much I love him.

Daddy has taught Max to catch snowflakes on his tongue. He thinks it's a huge game! He closes his little eyes, lifts his head to the sky, and sticks his little tongue out. When he catches a flake on his tongue, he looks down at us with this huge smile and makes his proud face with his big open eyes. It's amazing to him! He does it again and again, until he wants to just get down and eat a handful of snow from the ground.

This little monster has started a new trick. We are always chasing each other around. When he peeks out from behind things, I always point and say "I see you!" Now he's started to stop, turn around, and point at me. He wears this huge smile as he points at me, mimicking my "I see you!"

Max loves to help me do stuff, he's always wanting to be involved. The hardest thing this week has been loading the dishwasher with dirty dishes. He doesn't understand that they're dirty, so he's trying to put them in the cabinets for me. Poor little guy, he gets so mad when I stop him and put them back in the dishwasher. It will take some practice and explanation, but he'll get the hang of it. He's just trying to help, and I just love having my little helper nearby!

The poor little guy burned his hand on the pellet stove this week. It was so awful. He has been so good about staying away from it, but he lost his balance and ran into it by accident. It was terrible for the little guy. As he screamed and cried in my arms, I started singing the song I made up for him when he was a little baby. The song calmed him right down, and he was okay again. It had an amazing power in that moment, and I was so grateful. Poor thing. The song has the word "baby" baby in it. Ever since that day, he'll point to himself and say "baby" every once in a while. It's so sweet. He also points to himself and says "mah" for Max, but baby is his new favorite name for himself. Hopefully he'll never have an issue with the pellet stove again, poor boy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eighty Three Weeks

This weekend we had a lot of fun playing outside. Even in the cold weather, Max wanted to ride on his swing. He loves that thing! He likes to go down his slide and land in the snow with a big thump. Up and down, up and down, I don't know where he gets his stamina! He also spent a lot of time riding his truck on the street, or pushing it around. His snow pants and boots make it tough for him, but he pushes goes ahead with it anyway. We have two large red balls in the yard, and he's determined to hold one in each arm at the same time. So he's running around the yard with two balls in his arms up near his face, so he can barely see where he's doing. He would run for a few seconds, stumble and fall in the snow, and then go through the ball collecting process all over again. It was the silliest thing.

Tuesday was Max's surgery for ear tubes, which was tough. He didn't understand why we had to sit on his little bed and wait for the doctor for an hour, that was tough for him. It was so hard for me to bring him into the OR and hold him still to breathe in the sleeping gas while he cried for me. He was just so scared and didn't understand, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The surgery went well, but his recovery was tough for him. He was very groggy and wanted his mommy. Nursing made him feel a lot better though, he was back to normal within 45 minutes of surgery. Once we got home, he just wanted to go out and play. It was pouring outside, so we went to a local furniture store to let him run around while we looked for a new couch. He had a great time looking at the fish, and yelling "shishies" at them. He just loved those fish!

Aside from learning that he knows "shishie" for fish, he has also started saying tree and bubble. He knows the letters U and W. I love how he says W. It sounds like "dudda-you" and it's just so cute. It's a touch letter, more syllables than most, and he's so proud when he says it. He also knows the number 2! I really didn't imagine that he'd be learning letters and numbers so early. He's getting really good with building his train tracks and putting together. Last week he was just tearing the pieces apart as I put it together, but now he's building on his own (maybe he just didn't like how Mommy was setting it up?). At night, we sit at the top of the stairs and play trains on his tracks together before bed. He likes to play with one train and give me a train to play with. He is such a good sharer!

I love how silly my little boy is. He's always goofing around and playing for a laugh. The other day he was tackling me and putting my breast pads in my mouth (don't worry, they weren't yucky). He was pinning me down and wouldn't let me stop him from putting them in my mouth. I was laughing my head off as I fought him off, and he was giggling even harder. I just love his little belly laughs when he's being silly. He also likes to kiss me until I giggle, and growl at me too. I love that we're always laughing together and having fun. He's just so awesome.

My little helper isn't just helping me cook. Lately, he's been asking to sweep with me. He likes me to hold the big broom and while he holds the hand broom, or visa versa to clean the floor together. It's nice to have a little helper around!

We do lots of running around and chasing in the house. One of his new tricks is to run into the bathroom and close the door until I come and find him. He stands in there and tries to be quiet, but I can usually hear him giggling in excitement as he hears me calling his name at the door. Then I knock on the door and say "hello" and he just busts out laughing. It's hilarious! He even does this when the light is off, in the pitch dark! He never gets scared or cries, even if it takes me a few seconds to "find" him. Silly kid.

He's still in deep love with Thomas the Steam Engine. He gets all worked up when he sees that Thomas is coming on the TV. If he doesn't have trains in his hand, he frantically runs around until he finds a train to hold in each hand. Then he'll run right back up to the TV with the trains in his hands, and just stare at the screen in awe. He loves his little train friends! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Eighty Two Weeks

This past weekend, I woke up to Max naming the letters on my shirt. He was pointing and said "R, K, M, E, E, A" as he named them off. I hadn't realized he knew all of those letters already! It was an awesome way to wake up. He's been talking in his sleep lately, which is the sweeting thing in the world. The other night, I heard him saying his own name. I looked over, and saw him patting his chest and belly as he said "Mah" over and over. It's so sweet to hear him almost say his name, and to be naming himself in his sleep. Such a cutie pie.

My little boy just loves to help his mommy. He has started to help with making dinner. He's been helping me put everything together to cook. I was filling the measuring cups with water for him, and then he was putting the water into the pan. He was so careful and serious about it. This is a big job! He also grabs for a fresh spoon to help me stir while I cook.

Speaking of food, Max loves wearing his Daddy's hat during dinner. It's a thick (and very warm) winter hat, but he just loves to wear it while he eats. He's all about hats lately. He puts a bowl on his head during his bath and yells "hat!" He's just so cute.

We built our first snowman this weekend! Max was helping me pat the snow onto the big snow balls, and he thought the patting part was hilarious. He kept giggling at it. He'd pat a few times, stop, look at me and laugh, and then start again. He's such a silly boy. He was not interested in the actual snowman building part though. He just wanted to push the snowman's head off! It was so funny! He pushed the head off, and then the top part of the body. He demolished the snow man and ate it like a crazy little monster. He also had a blast playing on his slide. The cold weather doesn't seem to bother him at all. I loved holding his little hands as we walked through the snow together. Such sweet memories.

The other day, he did the silliest thing. I asked him if I could change his diaper because it had pee in it. He ran to his alphabet puzzle, grabbed the letter P and ran around the house smacking his diaper with it. Needless to say, I had to wait a few minutes for him to settle down (and myself too, because I was laughing hysterically) and finally change his diaper. Apparently P is his favorite letter this week. That was one memory that I really wish I had caught on film! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Eighty One Weeks

More new things! Max now knows the letter P! He has also started saying "more" when he's signing for more. That's a big step! He's also saying "ball ball" for ball now, whoops! When Daddy taught him to say football, he replaced "ball" with "ball ball" and he thinks it's funny when we giggle. He also knows "toes" and likes to say it as he points at his cute little toes.

We finally bought bath crayons for Max. I'm not sure why I didn't buy them earlier, but they're a huge hit. He loves to draw on the bath walls, and he thinks it's great when I color with him. I'm not brave enough to teach him to draw on himself with them yet, because I'm trying to teach him to not color on himself with regular markers still. One step at a time, right? But he's loving them in the bath!

I was impressed last week that Max was so good with his farm animal puzzle. Well this week he's impressed me even more. He has become a pro with his alphabet puzzle! He can get all of the letters in their spots, all by himself! The pieces are pretty small, and there are a whole 26 of them (obviously), so this is quite a big deal! It's his favorite thing right now, aside from his trains of course.

After his bath at night, we always brush his teeth. He thinks it's a great event to mimic me and he thinks brushing his teeth is fun as a result. Well now he's wanting to rinse his toothbrush like mommy does while we brush our teeth. I'm holding him while we brush, and he'll just dive his body over to get some water on his brush. Then he gets all excited to put it back in his mouth.

Our little boy has such great manners. When he gets a snack in the living room, he'll pull his chair up to the table and sit down to eat it. He doesn't like to eat while he's standing now. Now we just have to work on the crumbs, but this is great progress.

Part of Max's Christmas gifts from Gramma Janet and Aunt Caitlin was a train track system with a motorized train. The train sings music and runs by itself. Max is obsessed with the train! He'll put the train behind couch to pull itself through to the other side. Then runs to the other side of the couch and waits for it. Over and over, like 15 times in a row. He also loves to play with trains under the blankets, like a tunnel. He'll put the train under the blanket and wait for me to say "is it in the tunnel?" He then nods, laughs, and pulls the train out to put it in the tunnel again. There's a tunnel in one of his Thomas movies, and apparently it has made a big impact on him!

This year, Max and I were both asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve. It had been a long week of traveling, and we were both pooped. It was a great couple of weeks away from work, just enjoying our little family. It will be so tough to go back to work, but I know we will get to do this next year. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Eighty Weeks

We did a lot of traveling this week for Christmas. We even went to Maine to visit his Grampa (Sean's Dad). Grampa was carrying him around the house, showing him all of the animal sculptures and paintings. Grampa taught him to say "duck" while walking around looking at the duck pictures. There was a big moose sculpture at the end of the hall. Max kept asking to be picked up, and pointing down the hall for us to bring him to it. He was so excited to see it, because he's always pointing at the moose sticker on Sean's car. Maybe this summer he'll get to see a real moose!

We have some new words! Max woke up from a nap to see the Christmas tree all decorated, and he was so excited. He ran up to an ornament and said "did-tar" and I realized he was pointing at the guitar ornament. We were at his Gramma Janet and Aun Caitlin's house, and he was pointing out the window and yelling "boat" at a boat outside. I didn't even know that he knew that word yet!  Smart kid! He's been saying ball for a little while, but Daddy taught him "ball ball" for football when watching a game this weekend. He's very proud of himself when he says this word. He also knows neigh neigh (horse) and bah bah (sheep), and he loves his new barn animal play set. It's so cute to listen to him name the animals. He received an Elmo coloring book from his teachers at daycare, and he kept yelling "Elmo!" and coloring. That's what he was saying in this Christmas picture. He received a ton of gifts for Christmas, we're very spoiled. He is so excited about all of his new Thomas stuff, and even a new car!

We brought his farm animal puzzle and his shape sorter for our trip. I was so impressed with how good he is with these things now. There is no hesitation at all. He knows exactly where each animal goes, doesn't need to try different spots or positions, just slides them right into their spots. The same went for the shape sorter, he just knew exactly where they each went on his first try. So smart! He also knows the letters B and T. His favorite letter right now is B, and he calls his bee chair B too. He points and yells it, and give such a huge smile of pride.

Max was getting tons of attention this week while we were traveling, as he so deserves. He started doing the cutest thing. When he did something he was proud of, he would start to clap for himself. Then he would look around at everyone near him and wait for them to clap. Once that person clapped, he'd look at the next person that wasn't clapping until they joined in. Once everyone was clapping, he got so excited and made silly faces for us. He's such a ham! A very cute little ham!

He's growing up too fast! He can already put his own boots on his feet! He loves wearing his boots. He also loves to wear hats. Even inside. He can't put those on himself yet, but he still loves to wear them. He also love to say his food is hot, even when it's not. He'll say "hot" and ask for me to blow on his food. He's blowing on it too, and it's just so sweet. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Seventy Nine Weeks

We have snow on the ground! Max has been asking to stay in my arms outside and point to where he wants to go. At his request, I carried him over to his slide for him to go down. Then he wanted to go in his swing, even though it was cold outside. He wanted to play in one spot, but walking in it seemed to frustrate him. I heard that he's running in the snow at school this week, so I'm thinking that he's used to it now. I'm sure the slow movements through the snow take some time to adjust, especially in his big snow pants and coat. He just loves being outside though, the cold doesn't seem to bother him at all.

More words! He's saying star, baby, wheel, hat, bee (for his bee chair), and guitar. I think that star is his favorite word right now. He also knows the color blue, and points to blue things while saying it. Smart kid!

We had a huge milestone last night! Max slept 8 hours straight last night (at least I think he did). I'm pretty sure this is the first time he's done that. However, it could be that I don't remember getting up in the middle of the night, that's always possible. Anyway, I’m not getting too excited over this. But, I will definitely enjoy the fact that I feel like I could conquer the world today. It's amazing what conditioning can do to your body. I'm so used to getting up a few times at night, that it's the new norm. Having eight solid hours has left me feeling amazing.

Max loves using his own socks for hand puppets nowadays. Mommy's socks are easier to get over his hands, but they just aren't as fun as his own socks now. He's so sweet, squeezing his little fingers together to make them smaller to get into the socks. He tries a few times to get his hand in, but then asks for help. He is always determined to try it on his own first, just like everything else.

Daddy bought Max a new train! He now has a big plastic Percy train. So now he always has Thomas and Percy in his hands. Everywhere he goes. One of the funniest parts of his train obsession is that the trains must always be facing in when he holds them. He refuses to hold them if he can't see their faces pointing toward him. He's very particular about that!

I wasn't feeling well earlier this week. Max, being such a sweet little boy, came in for a big kiss. He held his lips on mine and just stared into my eyes, just holding his lips against mine as hard as he could for like 30 seconds. It was so cute and silly, and I couldn't stop giggling because he was just so silly and kept doing it. It cheered me right up. It's funny how he knew exactly what would cheer me up, he's never done this new kissing trick before. It's definitely a mood lifter!

I'm always amazed by Max's memory. He'll remember where something is, after putting it down days (or even weeks) ago. I can't even do that most of the time! Last weekend, we were getting ready to take his monthly picture. He saw that we were laying out the blanket as his backdrop. He ran up, grabbed the monthly sticker for his shirt and the monkey. Then he climbed right up onto the couch to sit on the blanket. Amazing! He didn't sit still for the camera, but that would just be too crazy. I love that he remembered all of the details of something we only do once a month. Such a smart little boy!  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Seventy Eight Weeks

Max has new words! He's saying door and hot. He loves saying "hot" when he's pointing at the pellet stove. He also says it when he's eating, and then blows on his food. He's frequently saying door though. He points at every door he sees, and sometimes even windows to say door. I love how he says door, it's like he has a bit of Boston accent in there. It sounds like "doo-wah" or something similar. It's hard to spell out how it sounds, but it's adorable.

Sean recently bought Max mini hockey sticks and he's loving them. He loves indoor hockey lately, and he'll hand one of us a stick to play with him. There always seem to be balls getting shot around the house, and he's really good with handling a stick! There's a lefty and a righty stick, and he doesn't seem to have a preference yet. He's great with both.

A few weeks ago we bought Max a car bed. It's been in pieces in the garage hiding for Christmas. Whenever we bring him out to the garage to play drums, he sees the pieces and says "car!" So we decided to finally put it together. The crib was put in storage, and his car bed is ready for the big boy! He was so excited when he came into the room and saw it put together for the first time. He ran right up to it while yelling "cah!" He jumped right up on it and just smiled at us, which this huge smile. He then started sliding down the front of it, and then climbing back on top. It was a hit! In the days since first seeing it, he's started to enjoy sitting on the bed while doing his number and alphabet puzzles.

Sean bought Max a new Thomas toy this week! There's a Thomas whistle and a rug that goes with it. The rug is a mock up of the island of Sodor, with all kinds of tracks on it. He likes pointing at the Thomas image on the train, and then at the crane image. Back and forth while I name them. We were showing him how the whistle worked, we would blow into it while his mouth and eyes would open so wide in amazement. He would do a high-pitched shriek with his mouth on the whistle because he didn't know how to blow the whistle at first. It was so cute! He learned to blow the whistle quickly though, and he's running around whistling all day. He is always holding Thomas the train and Thomas the train whistle now. I have no idea where Percy is, I guess he's old news now that the Thomas whistle is in town.

We have a new game! Max will hold a toy in each hand, and put his hands behind his back. He likes when we ask where the toys went, and then we have to pick one. Then he'll pull his hand out to show us, and then hide his hand again while he smiles and giggles at us. He thinks it's a hilarious game. He also has another hilarious game, one that might not be so funny to parents (haha). He's realized that his crayons work on the kitchen cabinets. Uh oh! His face the first time he did it was an "uh oh" face, but then it was like "cool!" and did it again. I've talked to him about only using crayons paper, we'll see how this proceeds. Luckily, the crayon washes right off, so no worries!

Seventy Seven Weeks

Max and I spend a lot of time lately sitting in front of the fridge and naming letters. He asks me to name letters when he looks at books, shirts, boxes, anything with letters. He's saying "B" and "T" when he points to them. He likes to grab them off of the fridge and walk around the house with them. There are two sets of alphabet letters, and he always searches out the same letter from each set so that he has one of each in each hand. Then he'll hold up the B in his left hand until I name it, then the B in his right hand until I name it. Then he alternates quickly back and forth, like a game. He loves it when his arms are flying fast at the end and I'm saying "B B B B" so fast.

Soup is still a favorite here! He's getting better with it every day. He's also blowing on food now to cool it down. He likes food warm, but not hot (obviously). So he'll sometimes spit food out and then blow on it. The first time he acted like his food was hot, I showed him how to blow on it and he's made a habit of it since. It's so cute, especially when he's not even blowing near the food, but still blowing. He's just too adorable.

Max's favorite book right now is the "RAWR" book. He always growls when he picks it up and hands it to me. He always waves to the last page, where the dinosaur is saying "rawr" as good bye.

The is ALWAYS a train in his hand. He's so in love with Thomas. He has Thomas in one hand, and Percy in the other. He's very particular about the direction the trains are facing as well. He always holds them so that their faces are on the thumb side of his hand, facing in. That way, they're facing him when he lifts his arms. Everywhere he goes, all around the house and in the car, he has his trains. Even when he's nursing or going to sleep. A boy love his trains!

Cleaning! This little boy loves to help clean. He helps me clean up at home, sometimes requesting or starting to clean something on his own before I even start to. He also helps clean up at school. What a good little helper!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Seventy Six Weeks

Animals! Max is really into animals nowadays. He says "bah" when he points out sheep and "mah" to point out cows. We're very excited for him to open a barnyard present for Christmas, he'll love it! 

He's really enjoying socks and shoes lately. He loves to pull his shoes and socks off, even pulling my socks off. He's trying to put shoes on too, but he's not getting them on fully yet. He gets his toes in there, and we help him the rest of the way. 

Max has started to request that I color with him, which is the sweetest thing. He'll be coloring, and he'll hand me a crayon to color too. We decided to color Daddy's jeep this weekend, and he had a blast yelling "da da" at the paper and coloring with me. It was a great first picture for us to create together. 

He's wiping his own face, by choice! He, like most little ones, doesn't like to have his nose wiped frequently. Well this week he started doing it on his own! He came up and grabbed a tissue out of the tissue box and wiped his face. Then,without being given any direction, he ran to the trash and threw it away. He came back and did the whole process again. He must have loved this new trick, because he did it about fifteen times in a row before he stopped. It was adorable. What a neat little guy!

And of course, to go along with all of these new things that he's learned, he's also gotten great at doing high-fives. He thinks they're a lot of fun, and he's so proud when we ask him to do it. Like he knows he's just done something astounding. Love his little expressions! 

Seventy Five Weeks

We had some surprisingly warm weather this weekend! It was glorious! Max and I spent lots of time enjoying it in the back yard this weekend. He was going up and down his slide and going back and forth in his swing. He still loves that swing! We were having a blast in the leaves, he things it's great to throw them in the air and wrinkle them up in his fingers over his head. He's also getting better at kicking his ball, it's like he's dribbling a soccer ball towards a net as he runs across the yard. His coordination is impressive! Far better than mine already (not that it's saying much, but still).

Max tried soup this week! He's been doing so well with utensils that we gave soup a try. He ate it all up so quickly, he couldn't get enough. He did a great job with getting most of it in his mouth too, which was amazing. This will be a perfect meal for the winter, so it's a great discovery. He also tried chicken pot pie for the first time, but he didn't seem to love it as much as soup. 

Speaking of utensils, he's obsessed with forks! He wants to use a fork to eat everything. Peas, grilled cheese, pears, everything! He's so patient and determined, he focuses so clearly on a small piece of food until he gets that fork in there and then into his mouth. 

He found a very convenient cup holder the other day. I was bending down talking to him as he was drinking his water. When he was finished with his sip, he reached out and put his sippy cup in my shirt! Then he turned and walked away to play like it was completely normal. I was laughing so hard. What a silly kid! 

When Max wants to play with certain toys upstairs, he finds a way to get them up there. He has started to push cars and trucks up the stairs, step by step, in front of him as he goes up. It's a slower process than his normal climb, but he gets what he's aiming for. He love his cars and trucks! 

My favorite new thing this week might be how he requests his current favorite song. He waves his right arm in a wide circle to request "Round the Garden" and then I sing it to him. He giggles so hard at the end when I tickle him. Once he's caught his breath, he requests it again. Over and over, it's so much fun! Can't wait to see what song he loves next! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Seventy Four Weeks

I'm back home and loving life!! It was so great to be back with my boys, and I have even more appreciation for time with them.

Daycare has a new basket of apples with the crackers near the front door. Max now grabs an apple on his way out, and I get to hear his little teeth tear out little bites while we drive home. He's not a fan of the skin itself, so he spits that out after, but he's eating almost the whole outer part of the apple in one sitting. His favorite song in the car (and in general) is "The Wheels on the Bus" and he even requests it. We do a few arm and hand motions during the song, for the wheels turning, the horn beeping, etc. So when he wants to hear the song, he does the wide arm circle to mimic the wheels. I love that he can communicate this to me now!

Max is a lot more comfortable in the tub now. Before, he would only sit on his butt or stand in the tub. Now he's laying on his stomach and swishing around in the water, pushing his body around while his hands stay still on the mat. He's less afraid of water getting in his face as well, and he's even putting his own head under the faucet. He's getting brave with letting the water run over his head and his back, even his butt!

He's getting more familiar with Dixie as well, and she's become comfortable around him. He has started to point at her nose, and then his nose, and waits for her to say "nose" to him. She doesn't, because she's a cat, so he gets frustrated. He says "hellooooo" to her and waits for her to say it. It's hilarious. Dixie just sits there and stares at him, like he's the most interesting creature ever. It's adorable.

Now that it's cooler out, we're spending less time outside. Max still loves being active though, so we're finding different ways to keep busy. One thing he's loving lately is to ride his bike inside the house. One of us pushes him around the house on his Radio Flyer tricycle, around and around. It's quite the workout, let me tell you. We don't go around the circle once or twice, we do this for like thirty minutes. He just loves to be busy!

Max's favorite book lately has been "Little Blue Truck," we read it again and again. It goes downstairs with us during the day, and back up at night. When he wants to go up and read it, he carries and pushes it up the steps. He's quite serious about that book! His favorite part is when I make the siren noise for the police car, it makes him giggle with his little scrunchy-nose face every single time.

I wanted to give Max more of a feeling of control with his crayons, so I took them out of the package and put them in an open container next to his easel. Now that he can get to them without asking, he hasn't been trying to eat them. It's not forbidden fruit anymore, so I guess it's not as fun to bite them. He's sitting on his stool now, and proudly coloring away. He even hands me a crayon to color with him once in a while. He loves when Mommy helps him color.

Seventy Three Weeks

This weekend was Max's first trip to the ocean! He loved the waves, the sand, the seagulls, the dunes, everything. We sat on the sand and he was digging through it, really enjoying the texture and the way his holes kept filling up again. He was raising his hands in the air and letting the sand go through his fingers and into his hair. He was just soaking it in! He did so much walking that we were just blown away. I honestly never thought a toddler could walk as much as he did today, but he was really enjoying himself. He also got to sit on Daddy's lap in the jeep and drive around the parking lot. That was really exciting for him!  It was a great day.

He's learned a couple of new things this past week. He now knows how to click his tongue! He's clicking over and over and over, loving the new sound. We do it back and forth in a game and he thinks it's the best. He's also crossing his fingers. Yes, crossing his fingers. I didn't realize he was able to coordinate his fingers that well, but he can. He's crossing his fingers and just holding them like that, his pointer finger and middle finger on each hand. It looks like a new habit that we'll see for a while.

This has been such a tough week for me. I've been away for a work trip, states away from my little boy. I'm feeling better today than I was the first night, but it's just so hard. I know he won't remember this when he's older, and it's a good opportunity for he and his Daddy to spend some quality time together. It's also a great opportunity for me at work and in my career. I just feel so physically weak, like something is missing. I guess this is normal, and I just need my little boy again. I can't wait to get back tomorrow night, to see both my little boy and my handsome husband. It's been a long week.

Seventy Two Weeks

New word! A very important word too! MILK! He's now saying it when he wants it, and then he giggles when I repeat it back. He always loves learning new stuff. Adorable! He's also big on peek-a-boo now. Lots of giggle and laughing when we play that.

We carved our pumpkin this weekend, Max's first pumpkin! As I was carving, he kept trying to put the seeds and guts back into the pumpkin. Always trying to help clean up! He was also trying to bite the top edges, and apparently he loves the flavor of pumpkins. He wanted to bite it or sit on it, nothing else. I kept trying to get a picture of him next to it or behind it, and that was just not happening, haha.

Today is Halloween, and Max wore his costume to daycare. He was a zebra and he was being silly and crawling around on his hands and knees like a zebra. When we showed up for the Halloween party at school, he was the only one still in his costume. He didn't want to take it off! During the Halloween party, I couldn't help but laugh. All of the other kids were sitting at the tables eating with their parents, and Max was just running circles around the room. He couldn't sit still. That little boy has so much energy, it's unbelievable. We had a lot of laughs though, I love my energetic little guy. He also had a fun night at home wearing his costume as well, being a cute little zebra while we handed out candy. He asked to go out and play drums in his costume too, which made for a great photo opportunity!

Speaking of Max's energy, he's been proving his unlimited energy in a new way lately. For a few weeks he has been running back and forth between our bedroom and his bedroom. Running at top speed, squealing and laughing, and hiding in a corner before running back. It's a great way to burn off energy right before bed and it's so fun to watch.

When Max is ready to head upstairs (either to play or sleep), he takes the initiative to just start going up the stairs all by himself. It's definitely a clear way of telling us that he wants to go up! So I follow his lead, and we go up and play, cuddle, whatever he wants. Oh, and he's more independent with his stair climbing as well. Until recently, he was stepping on each step with both feet. Now he's walking up and down with one foot per step, which is a lot quicker. He's so balanced and able to stretch his legs so much, it's impressive to watch. It's also great exercise for mommy.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seventy One Weeks

This weekend we went to pick out a pumpkin. Max was having a blast walking through all of the pumpkins, stopping to point at almost every one and say, "oh!" He tried to pick up a few, thinking it was going to be easy. He was bent down grunting and pulling, but couldn't pick up the big ones. He's so cute though, he kept trying! Until of course, he saw a nearby excavator! There was some construction going on in the lot next to the pumpkin patch, and it was all over once he saw that. He ran straight up the hill to it and just stared up once he got close. He seemed a bit overwhelmed with how big it was, he just looked up and stared. I held him and encouraged him to touch the bucket on the front end, and he got all excited.We ended up getting him a little pumpkin that he could pick up, and a big one for carving. All in all, it was a great trip!

Tuesday Max walked out of his room at daycare all by himself like a big boy. He stopped to get a cracker at the desk, and kept on walking all of the way to the car. How has he grown up so quickly? Mister independent was so happy just walking along and waving goodbye to everyone.

Speaking of food, I've learned a new trick for grocery shopping. Max is an active little boy, as we all know, so it's tough to keep him contained during a shopping trip. I gave him a bag of grapes to munch on while we shopped, and he was as happy as a clam! I found out that Daddy had discovered this weeks ago, but I was thrilled about the discovery. Don't worry, I asked to pay for the grapes he ate when we were done shopping. Oh, and he's also getting independent during dinner time. When he's all done, he doesn't just sign that he's done. Now he signs it and then reaches to the sides of the high chair tray to pull the levers to pull off the tray. Smart boy!

He still loves bath time. He's so good with knowing the routine and where everything belongs. Now when we're cleaning up after, he reaches up to put the soap and face cloth where they belong. He can't reach either, but he reaches up and tries. He's a determined little guy. He has also added a new step to his tooth brushing routine. After brushing his teeth, he opens the mirror, puts his brush in the cup, and waves goodbye before closing the door. Adorable!

Max is very interested in trying to dress himself nowadays. He wants to wear a baseball hat frequently, and he puts it on top of his head and pulls down. Unfortunately, it's usually folded and doesn't go on his head correctly, but he's getting the hang of it. He's also pulling his socks off and trying to put them back on. He started this last week, and I just love quietly sitting and watching him do this. He put the sock on top of his foot and looks at it, like he's trying to figure it all out. He'll eventually bring it to me to put on, but he tries on his own a few times. I love watching him learn and figure things out!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Seventy Weeks

We have a new development this week! Max now refers to Daddy as "cah" rather than "dada" and it's hysterical. He outright refuses to say "dada" and Sean pouts his bottom lip every time. It's so fun to watch. Daddy is now trying to get him to call him "truck" instead, but that's not going so well. Mommy is still "mama" though. His favorite word is "cah" so I'm taking this whole thing as a sign that he really loves his Daddy.

Max still has a tough time with being left at daycare. He still wants me to take him with me every time I leave, which is so hard. One way his teachers distract him is to show him the birds on the tree outside of the nearest window. He's loving birds lately, he points to them in his books and smiles when he makes their sound. So the bird distraction is perfect. This week they had a "Teddy Bear Picnic" for lunch, and Max brought his froggy. He loves walking around with it lately, so it was the perfect stuffed animal to bring. He was hugging it so tight in the car with the happiest face ever. Very excited!

Speaking of daycare, I was giggling as I watched Max walk around the room yesterday and pick up toys that were on the floor. Other kids were standing around the table, and there were forgotten toys on the floor behind them. Max was walking beside the table to get to me, and he stopped to pick up the toys and put them away. How cute is that?! He also likes to put all of his bath toys away to let me know that he's all done and ready to get out. He's a great little helper.

This weekend we were outside playing when we heard the loud dump truck driving around the neighborhood. Max made his "oh!" surprised face and looked all around. We couldn't see it yet, but I knew where it was. So we walked to the fence and watched it go down each street, going from one side of the yard to the next to watch it go around the block. He was entranced! He kept nodding when I asked if it was the dump truck from his books. He loves vehicles, he gets to excited! We also went to the playground again for him to run around on the jungle gym. He was going down the big slides all by himself, and he wasn't scared at all to run around up there by himself. He's quite the little adventurer.

We went his 15 month checkup this week, and he had a blast going up and down on the step stool. He was so excited when he got up on it that he was slapping the exam table like a silly boy. We also got his hair cut again this week. Each time he gets his hair cut he looks so much older! Big boy!

Sixty Nine Weeks

No more sippy cups for this little guy! Max wants to use a real cup to drink his water. We have small clear plastic cups for him, and we put a few sips of water in at a time. He is like chugging water using a cup, he's really taking it down! After each sip, he brings the cup down and smiles as he goes "ahhh!" It's so cute! He's also getting a lot better with a spoon. He's getting more yogurt into his mouth and less on his forehead and nose. He has a blast eating his yogurt. 

I'm not going to lie. Sometimes I'm a little freaked out by his memory of where things are and his ability to communicate his wants. He'll be sitting in his high chair eating or drawing while I put away the dishes, and he'll watch where I'm putting things while he quietly does his own thing. An hour later, while he's running around like a crazy monster, he'll reach up and pull a drawer open in the kitchen. He'll fish out exactly what he watched me put away, and then run around banging and / or biting his new prize like he just won the lottery. The marinade brush and measuring cups are his favorite right now. Also, he knows exactly where his tooth brush is. After his bath, I'll bundle him up in his towel while he just points up at the medicine cabinet. I let him open it, and he reaches right in for his tooth brush. Then he sports a beautiful smile while brushing his teeth. 

We've been having fun playing outside, he loves being outside. This weekend we played ball in the street, and he can really throw a ball! He was throwing the ball so far, Sean and I were blown away. He throws with such force, it is actually kind of scary. He really whips that thing! Anyway, he and Daddy were throwing the ball back and forth and chasing it. Lots of giggles and fun. Oh, and of course, lots of splashing in puddles! His favorite outdoor activity. 

When we're reading books, he likes to point at things and wait for us to tell him what they are. Now I'll ask him where different things are and he will point them out. He's pointing out motorcycles, cats, dogs and frogs! He of course likes the animal noises after he points them out. 

Max loves watching Sprout TV at night. He loves Nina and Star, and especially Lucy the Firefly. When a show is about to start, Lucy flies up toward the moon and the character from the next show will appear in the moon and say hello. Max gets so excited when Lucy flies up toward the moon, because he knows a new show is coming on. If it's Thomas or Caillou, he squeels and points and looks to us to see it too. Because we're so excited too (we always say "yay! Thomas!"). His big smile as he watches the song to start his show, it's great. I also noticed him copying the stretching exercises that Nina does in the Sprout show. He stopped when he saw that I was watching, I guess he was shy. But it was so sweet watching him do the stretch in front of the TV. I wish I was able to snap a picture of that, but I'll have to try another time.