Sunday, January 5, 2014

Seventy Weeks

We have a new development this week! Max now refers to Daddy as "cah" rather than "dada" and it's hysterical. He outright refuses to say "dada" and Sean pouts his bottom lip every time. It's so fun to watch. Daddy is now trying to get him to call him "truck" instead, but that's not going so well. Mommy is still "mama" though. His favorite word is "cah" so I'm taking this whole thing as a sign that he really loves his Daddy.

Max still has a tough time with being left at daycare. He still wants me to take him with me every time I leave, which is so hard. One way his teachers distract him is to show him the birds on the tree outside of the nearest window. He's loving birds lately, he points to them in his books and smiles when he makes their sound. So the bird distraction is perfect. This week they had a "Teddy Bear Picnic" for lunch, and Max brought his froggy. He loves walking around with it lately, so it was the perfect stuffed animal to bring. He was hugging it so tight in the car with the happiest face ever. Very excited!

Speaking of daycare, I was giggling as I watched Max walk around the room yesterday and pick up toys that were on the floor. Other kids were standing around the table, and there were forgotten toys on the floor behind them. Max was walking beside the table to get to me, and he stopped to pick up the toys and put them away. How cute is that?! He also likes to put all of his bath toys away to let me know that he's all done and ready to get out. He's a great little helper.

This weekend we were outside playing when we heard the loud dump truck driving around the neighborhood. Max made his "oh!" surprised face and looked all around. We couldn't see it yet, but I knew where it was. So we walked to the fence and watched it go down each street, going from one side of the yard to the next to watch it go around the block. He was entranced! He kept nodding when I asked if it was the dump truck from his books. He loves vehicles, he gets to excited! We also went to the playground again for him to run around on the jungle gym. He was going down the big slides all by himself, and he wasn't scared at all to run around up there by himself. He's quite the little adventurer.

We went his 15 month checkup this week, and he had a blast going up and down on the step stool. He was so excited when he got up on it that he was slapping the exam table like a silly boy. We also got his hair cut again this week. Each time he gets his hair cut he looks so much older! Big boy!

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