Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sixty Nine Weeks

No more sippy cups for this little guy! Max wants to use a real cup to drink his water. We have small clear plastic cups for him, and we put a few sips of water in at a time. He is like chugging water using a cup, he's really taking it down! After each sip, he brings the cup down and smiles as he goes "ahhh!" It's so cute! He's also getting a lot better with a spoon. He's getting more yogurt into his mouth and less on his forehead and nose. He has a blast eating his yogurt. 

I'm not going to lie. Sometimes I'm a little freaked out by his memory of where things are and his ability to communicate his wants. He'll be sitting in his high chair eating or drawing while I put away the dishes, and he'll watch where I'm putting things while he quietly does his own thing. An hour later, while he's running around like a crazy monster, he'll reach up and pull a drawer open in the kitchen. He'll fish out exactly what he watched me put away, and then run around banging and / or biting his new prize like he just won the lottery. The marinade brush and measuring cups are his favorite right now. Also, he knows exactly where his tooth brush is. After his bath, I'll bundle him up in his towel while he just points up at the medicine cabinet. I let him open it, and he reaches right in for his tooth brush. Then he sports a beautiful smile while brushing his teeth. 

We've been having fun playing outside, he loves being outside. This weekend we played ball in the street, and he can really throw a ball! He was throwing the ball so far, Sean and I were blown away. He throws with such force, it is actually kind of scary. He really whips that thing! Anyway, he and Daddy were throwing the ball back and forth and chasing it. Lots of giggles and fun. Oh, and of course, lots of splashing in puddles! His favorite outdoor activity. 

When we're reading books, he likes to point at things and wait for us to tell him what they are. Now I'll ask him where different things are and he will point them out. He's pointing out motorcycles, cats, dogs and frogs! He of course likes the animal noises after he points them out. 

Max loves watching Sprout TV at night. He loves Nina and Star, and especially Lucy the Firefly. When a show is about to start, Lucy flies up toward the moon and the character from the next show will appear in the moon and say hello. Max gets so excited when Lucy flies up toward the moon, because he knows a new show is coming on. If it's Thomas or Caillou, he squeels and points and looks to us to see it too. Because we're so excited too (we always say "yay! Thomas!"). His big smile as he watches the song to start his show, it's great. I also noticed him copying the stretching exercises that Nina does in the Sprout show. He stopped when he saw that I was watching, I guess he was shy. But it was so sweet watching him do the stretch in front of the TV. I wish I was able to snap a picture of that, but I'll have to try another time. 

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