Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seventy One Weeks

This weekend we went to pick out a pumpkin. Max was having a blast walking through all of the pumpkins, stopping to point at almost every one and say, "oh!" He tried to pick up a few, thinking it was going to be easy. He was bent down grunting and pulling, but couldn't pick up the big ones. He's so cute though, he kept trying! Until of course, he saw a nearby excavator! There was some construction going on in the lot next to the pumpkin patch, and it was all over once he saw that. He ran straight up the hill to it and just stared up once he got close. He seemed a bit overwhelmed with how big it was, he just looked up and stared. I held him and encouraged him to touch the bucket on the front end, and he got all excited.We ended up getting him a little pumpkin that he could pick up, and a big one for carving. All in all, it was a great trip!

Tuesday Max walked out of his room at daycare all by himself like a big boy. He stopped to get a cracker at the desk, and kept on walking all of the way to the car. How has he grown up so quickly? Mister independent was so happy just walking along and waving goodbye to everyone.

Speaking of food, I've learned a new trick for grocery shopping. Max is an active little boy, as we all know, so it's tough to keep him contained during a shopping trip. I gave him a bag of grapes to munch on while we shopped, and he was as happy as a clam! I found out that Daddy had discovered this weeks ago, but I was thrilled about the discovery. Don't worry, I asked to pay for the grapes he ate when we were done shopping. Oh, and he's also getting independent during dinner time. When he's all done, he doesn't just sign that he's done. Now he signs it and then reaches to the sides of the high chair tray to pull the levers to pull off the tray. Smart boy!

He still loves bath time. He's so good with knowing the routine and where everything belongs. Now when we're cleaning up after, he reaches up to put the soap and face cloth where they belong. He can't reach either, but he reaches up and tries. He's a determined little guy. He has also added a new step to his tooth brushing routine. After brushing his teeth, he opens the mirror, puts his brush in the cup, and waves goodbye before closing the door. Adorable!

Max is very interested in trying to dress himself nowadays. He wants to wear a baseball hat frequently, and he puts it on top of his head and pulls down. Unfortunately, it's usually folded and doesn't go on his head correctly, but he's getting the hang of it. He's also pulling his socks off and trying to put them back on. He started this last week, and I just love quietly sitting and watching him do this. He put the sock on top of his foot and looks at it, like he's trying to figure it all out. He'll eventually bring it to me to put on, but he tries on his own a few times. I love watching him learn and figure things out!

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