Sunday, February 2, 2014

Seventy Two Weeks

New word! A very important word too! MILK! He's now saying it when he wants it, and then he giggles when I repeat it back. He always loves learning new stuff. Adorable! He's also big on peek-a-boo now. Lots of giggle and laughing when we play that.

We carved our pumpkin this weekend, Max's first pumpkin! As I was carving, he kept trying to put the seeds and guts back into the pumpkin. Always trying to help clean up! He was also trying to bite the top edges, and apparently he loves the flavor of pumpkins. He wanted to bite it or sit on it, nothing else. I kept trying to get a picture of him next to it or behind it, and that was just not happening, haha.

Today is Halloween, and Max wore his costume to daycare. He was a zebra and he was being silly and crawling around on his hands and knees like a zebra. When we showed up for the Halloween party at school, he was the only one still in his costume. He didn't want to take it off! During the Halloween party, I couldn't help but laugh. All of the other kids were sitting at the tables eating with their parents, and Max was just running circles around the room. He couldn't sit still. That little boy has so much energy, it's unbelievable. We had a lot of laughs though, I love my energetic little guy. He also had a fun night at home wearing his costume as well, being a cute little zebra while we handed out candy. He asked to go out and play drums in his costume too, which made for a great photo opportunity!

Speaking of Max's energy, he's been proving his unlimited energy in a new way lately. For a few weeks he has been running back and forth between our bedroom and his bedroom. Running at top speed, squealing and laughing, and hiding in a corner before running back. It's a great way to burn off energy right before bed and it's so fun to watch.

When Max is ready to head upstairs (either to play or sleep), he takes the initiative to just start going up the stairs all by himself. It's definitely a clear way of telling us that he wants to go up! So I follow his lead, and we go up and play, cuddle, whatever he wants. Oh, and he's more independent with his stair climbing as well. Until recently, he was stepping on each step with both feet. Now he's walking up and down with one foot per step, which is a lot quicker. He's so balanced and able to stretch his legs so much, it's impressive to watch. It's also great exercise for mommy.

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