Sunday, March 9, 2014

Seventy Eight Weeks

Max has new words! He's saying door and hot. He loves saying "hot" when he's pointing at the pellet stove. He also says it when he's eating, and then blows on his food. He's frequently saying door though. He points at every door he sees, and sometimes even windows to say door. I love how he says door, it's like he has a bit of Boston accent in there. It sounds like "doo-wah" or something similar. It's hard to spell out how it sounds, but it's adorable.

Sean recently bought Max mini hockey sticks and he's loving them. He loves indoor hockey lately, and he'll hand one of us a stick to play with him. There always seem to be balls getting shot around the house, and he's really good with handling a stick! There's a lefty and a righty stick, and he doesn't seem to have a preference yet. He's great with both.

A few weeks ago we bought Max a car bed. It's been in pieces in the garage hiding for Christmas. Whenever we bring him out to the garage to play drums, he sees the pieces and says "car!" So we decided to finally put it together. The crib was put in storage, and his car bed is ready for the big boy! He was so excited when he came into the room and saw it put together for the first time. He ran right up to it while yelling "cah!" He jumped right up on it and just smiled at us, which this huge smile. He then started sliding down the front of it, and then climbing back on top. It was a hit! In the days since first seeing it, he's started to enjoy sitting on the bed while doing his number and alphabet puzzles.

Sean bought Max a new Thomas toy this week! There's a Thomas whistle and a rug that goes with it. The rug is a mock up of the island of Sodor, with all kinds of tracks on it. He likes pointing at the Thomas image on the train, and then at the crane image. Back and forth while I name them. We were showing him how the whistle worked, we would blow into it while his mouth and eyes would open so wide in amazement. He would do a high-pitched shriek with his mouth on the whistle because he didn't know how to blow the whistle at first. It was so cute! He learned to blow the whistle quickly though, and he's running around whistling all day. He is always holding Thomas the train and Thomas the train whistle now. I have no idea where Percy is, I guess he's old news now that the Thomas whistle is in town.

We have a new game! Max will hold a toy in each hand, and put his hands behind his back. He likes when we ask where the toys went, and then we have to pick one. Then he'll pull his hand out to show us, and then hide his hand again while he smiles and giggles at us. He thinks it's a hilarious game. He also has another hilarious game, one that might not be so funny to parents (haha). He's realized that his crayons work on the kitchen cabinets. Uh oh! His face the first time he did it was an "uh oh" face, but then it was like "cool!" and did it again. I've talked to him about only using crayons paper, we'll see how this proceeds. Luckily, the crayon washes right off, so no worries!

Seventy Seven Weeks

Max and I spend a lot of time lately sitting in front of the fridge and naming letters. He asks me to name letters when he looks at books, shirts, boxes, anything with letters. He's saying "B" and "T" when he points to them. He likes to grab them off of the fridge and walk around the house with them. There are two sets of alphabet letters, and he always searches out the same letter from each set so that he has one of each in each hand. Then he'll hold up the B in his left hand until I name it, then the B in his right hand until I name it. Then he alternates quickly back and forth, like a game. He loves it when his arms are flying fast at the end and I'm saying "B B B B" so fast.

Soup is still a favorite here! He's getting better with it every day. He's also blowing on food now to cool it down. He likes food warm, but not hot (obviously). So he'll sometimes spit food out and then blow on it. The first time he acted like his food was hot, I showed him how to blow on it and he's made a habit of it since. It's so cute, especially when he's not even blowing near the food, but still blowing. He's just too adorable.

Max's favorite book right now is the "RAWR" book. He always growls when he picks it up and hands it to me. He always waves to the last page, where the dinosaur is saying "rawr" as good bye.

The is ALWAYS a train in his hand. He's so in love with Thomas. He has Thomas in one hand, and Percy in the other. He's very particular about the direction the trains are facing as well. He always holds them so that their faces are on the thumb side of his hand, facing in. That way, they're facing him when he lifts his arms. Everywhere he goes, all around the house and in the car, he has his trains. Even when he's nursing or going to sleep. A boy love his trains!

Cleaning! This little boy loves to help clean. He helps me clean up at home, sometimes requesting or starting to clean something on his own before I even start to. He also helps clean up at school. What a good little helper!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Seventy Six Weeks

Animals! Max is really into animals nowadays. He says "bah" when he points out sheep and "mah" to point out cows. We're very excited for him to open a barnyard present for Christmas, he'll love it! 

He's really enjoying socks and shoes lately. He loves to pull his shoes and socks off, even pulling my socks off. He's trying to put shoes on too, but he's not getting them on fully yet. He gets his toes in there, and we help him the rest of the way. 

Max has started to request that I color with him, which is the sweetest thing. He'll be coloring, and he'll hand me a crayon to color too. We decided to color Daddy's jeep this weekend, and he had a blast yelling "da da" at the paper and coloring with me. It was a great first picture for us to create together. 

He's wiping his own face, by choice! He, like most little ones, doesn't like to have his nose wiped frequently. Well this week he started doing it on his own! He came up and grabbed a tissue out of the tissue box and wiped his face. Then,without being given any direction, he ran to the trash and threw it away. He came back and did the whole process again. He must have loved this new trick, because he did it about fifteen times in a row before he stopped. It was adorable. What a neat little guy!

And of course, to go along with all of these new things that he's learned, he's also gotten great at doing high-fives. He thinks they're a lot of fun, and he's so proud when we ask him to do it. Like he knows he's just done something astounding. Love his little expressions! 

Seventy Five Weeks

We had some surprisingly warm weather this weekend! It was glorious! Max and I spent lots of time enjoying it in the back yard this weekend. He was going up and down his slide and going back and forth in his swing. He still loves that swing! We were having a blast in the leaves, he things it's great to throw them in the air and wrinkle them up in his fingers over his head. He's also getting better at kicking his ball, it's like he's dribbling a soccer ball towards a net as he runs across the yard. His coordination is impressive! Far better than mine already (not that it's saying much, but still).

Max tried soup this week! He's been doing so well with utensils that we gave soup a try. He ate it all up so quickly, he couldn't get enough. He did a great job with getting most of it in his mouth too, which was amazing. This will be a perfect meal for the winter, so it's a great discovery. He also tried chicken pot pie for the first time, but he didn't seem to love it as much as soup. 

Speaking of utensils, he's obsessed with forks! He wants to use a fork to eat everything. Peas, grilled cheese, pears, everything! He's so patient and determined, he focuses so clearly on a small piece of food until he gets that fork in there and then into his mouth. 

He found a very convenient cup holder the other day. I was bending down talking to him as he was drinking his water. When he was finished with his sip, he reached out and put his sippy cup in my shirt! Then he turned and walked away to play like it was completely normal. I was laughing so hard. What a silly kid! 

When Max wants to play with certain toys upstairs, he finds a way to get them up there. He has started to push cars and trucks up the stairs, step by step, in front of him as he goes up. It's a slower process than his normal climb, but he gets what he's aiming for. He love his cars and trucks! 

My favorite new thing this week might be how he requests his current favorite song. He waves his right arm in a wide circle to request "Round the Garden" and then I sing it to him. He giggles so hard at the end when I tickle him. Once he's caught his breath, he requests it again. Over and over, it's so much fun! Can't wait to see what song he loves next!