Sunday, March 9, 2014

Seventy Eight Weeks

Max has new words! He's saying door and hot. He loves saying "hot" when he's pointing at the pellet stove. He also says it when he's eating, and then blows on his food. He's frequently saying door though. He points at every door he sees, and sometimes even windows to say door. I love how he says door, it's like he has a bit of Boston accent in there. It sounds like "doo-wah" or something similar. It's hard to spell out how it sounds, but it's adorable.

Sean recently bought Max mini hockey sticks and he's loving them. He loves indoor hockey lately, and he'll hand one of us a stick to play with him. There always seem to be balls getting shot around the house, and he's really good with handling a stick! There's a lefty and a righty stick, and he doesn't seem to have a preference yet. He's great with both.

A few weeks ago we bought Max a car bed. It's been in pieces in the garage hiding for Christmas. Whenever we bring him out to the garage to play drums, he sees the pieces and says "car!" So we decided to finally put it together. The crib was put in storage, and his car bed is ready for the big boy! He was so excited when he came into the room and saw it put together for the first time. He ran right up to it while yelling "cah!" He jumped right up on it and just smiled at us, which this huge smile. He then started sliding down the front of it, and then climbing back on top. It was a hit! In the days since first seeing it, he's started to enjoy sitting on the bed while doing his number and alphabet puzzles.

Sean bought Max a new Thomas toy this week! There's a Thomas whistle and a rug that goes with it. The rug is a mock up of the island of Sodor, with all kinds of tracks on it. He likes pointing at the Thomas image on the train, and then at the crane image. Back and forth while I name them. We were showing him how the whistle worked, we would blow into it while his mouth and eyes would open so wide in amazement. He would do a high-pitched shriek with his mouth on the whistle because he didn't know how to blow the whistle at first. It was so cute! He learned to blow the whistle quickly though, and he's running around whistling all day. He is always holding Thomas the train and Thomas the train whistle now. I have no idea where Percy is, I guess he's old news now that the Thomas whistle is in town.

We have a new game! Max will hold a toy in each hand, and put his hands behind his back. He likes when we ask where the toys went, and then we have to pick one. Then he'll pull his hand out to show us, and then hide his hand again while he smiles and giggles at us. He thinks it's a hilarious game. He also has another hilarious game, one that might not be so funny to parents (haha). He's realized that his crayons work on the kitchen cabinets. Uh oh! His face the first time he did it was an "uh oh" face, but then it was like "cool!" and did it again. I've talked to him about only using crayons paper, we'll see how this proceeds. Luckily, the crayon washes right off, so no worries!

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