Monday, March 3, 2014

Seventy Five Weeks

We had some surprisingly warm weather this weekend! It was glorious! Max and I spent lots of time enjoying it in the back yard this weekend. He was going up and down his slide and going back and forth in his swing. He still loves that swing! We were having a blast in the leaves, he things it's great to throw them in the air and wrinkle them up in his fingers over his head. He's also getting better at kicking his ball, it's like he's dribbling a soccer ball towards a net as he runs across the yard. His coordination is impressive! Far better than mine already (not that it's saying much, but still).

Max tried soup this week! He's been doing so well with utensils that we gave soup a try. He ate it all up so quickly, he couldn't get enough. He did a great job with getting most of it in his mouth too, which was amazing. This will be a perfect meal for the winter, so it's a great discovery. He also tried chicken pot pie for the first time, but he didn't seem to love it as much as soup. 

Speaking of utensils, he's obsessed with forks! He wants to use a fork to eat everything. Peas, grilled cheese, pears, everything! He's so patient and determined, he focuses so clearly on a small piece of food until he gets that fork in there and then into his mouth. 

He found a very convenient cup holder the other day. I was bending down talking to him as he was drinking his water. When he was finished with his sip, he reached out and put his sippy cup in my shirt! Then he turned and walked away to play like it was completely normal. I was laughing so hard. What a silly kid! 

When Max wants to play with certain toys upstairs, he finds a way to get them up there. He has started to push cars and trucks up the stairs, step by step, in front of him as he goes up. It's a slower process than his normal climb, but he gets what he's aiming for. He love his cars and trucks! 

My favorite new thing this week might be how he requests his current favorite song. He waves his right arm in a wide circle to request "Round the Garden" and then I sing it to him. He giggles so hard at the end when I tickle him. Once he's caught his breath, he requests it again. Over and over, it's so much fun! Can't wait to see what song he loves next! 

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