Sunday, March 9, 2014

Seventy Seven Weeks

Max and I spend a lot of time lately sitting in front of the fridge and naming letters. He asks me to name letters when he looks at books, shirts, boxes, anything with letters. He's saying "B" and "T" when he points to them. He likes to grab them off of the fridge and walk around the house with them. There are two sets of alphabet letters, and he always searches out the same letter from each set so that he has one of each in each hand. Then he'll hold up the B in his left hand until I name it, then the B in his right hand until I name it. Then he alternates quickly back and forth, like a game. He loves it when his arms are flying fast at the end and I'm saying "B B B B" so fast.

Soup is still a favorite here! He's getting better with it every day. He's also blowing on food now to cool it down. He likes food warm, but not hot (obviously). So he'll sometimes spit food out and then blow on it. The first time he acted like his food was hot, I showed him how to blow on it and he's made a habit of it since. It's so cute, especially when he's not even blowing near the food, but still blowing. He's just too adorable.

Max's favorite book right now is the "RAWR" book. He always growls when he picks it up and hands it to me. He always waves to the last page, where the dinosaur is saying "rawr" as good bye.

The is ALWAYS a train in his hand. He's so in love with Thomas. He has Thomas in one hand, and Percy in the other. He's very particular about the direction the trains are facing as well. He always holds them so that their faces are on the thumb side of his hand, facing in. That way, they're facing him when he lifts his arms. Everywhere he goes, all around the house and in the car, he has his trains. Even when he's nursing or going to sleep. A boy love his trains!

Cleaning! This little boy loves to help clean. He helps me clean up at home, sometimes requesting or starting to clean something on his own before I even start to. He also helps clean up at school. What a good little helper!

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