Monday, March 3, 2014

Seventy Six Weeks

Animals! Max is really into animals nowadays. He says "bah" when he points out sheep and "mah" to point out cows. We're very excited for him to open a barnyard present for Christmas, he'll love it! 

He's really enjoying socks and shoes lately. He loves to pull his shoes and socks off, even pulling my socks off. He's trying to put shoes on too, but he's not getting them on fully yet. He gets his toes in there, and we help him the rest of the way. 

Max has started to request that I color with him, which is the sweetest thing. He'll be coloring, and he'll hand me a crayon to color too. We decided to color Daddy's jeep this weekend, and he had a blast yelling "da da" at the paper and coloring with me. It was a great first picture for us to create together. 

He's wiping his own face, by choice! He, like most little ones, doesn't like to have his nose wiped frequently. Well this week he started doing it on his own! He came up and grabbed a tissue out of the tissue box and wiped his face. Then,without being given any direction, he ran to the trash and threw it away. He came back and did the whole process again. He must have loved this new trick, because he did it about fifteen times in a row before he stopped. It was adorable. What a neat little guy!

And of course, to go along with all of these new things that he's learned, he's also gotten great at doing high-fives. He thinks they're a lot of fun, and he's so proud when we ask him to do it. Like he knows he's just done something astounding. Love his little expressions! 

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