Friday, May 30, 2014

Eighty Five Weeks

This past weekend, we had Max stay at his Gramma Jane's house for the night. When we came to pick him up, he came running up to me and hugged me. He then leaned back to look at me and hugged me again. He repeated this twice. It was like he couldn't believe I was real. Then when we were putting his coat on, he was saying "home" and leaning his body as he was pointing towards door. He loves being home lately. He also says "home" when we are walking up to the house and first get inside. 

When picking up from school, he runs right up to a picture of the three of us and points to me in the photo and says "mama" with a happy smile. Then he runs up to me and hugs me. The teachers in his room say that he points to our pictures and says our names all of the time. I think he loves having our picture up. Today after school he asked me for eskimo kisses. It was so sweet. I had taught him a few weeks ago to rub our noses together to kiss, and we hadn't done it in a little bit. But he remembered today and promptly asked for a nose kiss. He's so sweet!

He's growing up so fast! He's now in size 7 shoes! I can't believe it. He's also drinking water while holding his cup with only one hand! A real cup, just one hand. How is this happening so fast? He's also saying "bath" as he points to the tub, it's a clear way of telling me that it's bath time. He definitely has a cleaning gene, which I'm enjoying. He keeps asking me to sweep with him. He gives me a broom and he uses the other one and we sweep together. He'll push the dirt around for a few seconds, look up at me, smile, and then keep pushing. He just thinks it's so great to help out.

We have a new favorite food! We had tacos last night, and he loved them. He was watching how I ate them, and he wanted me to roll his up like mine. He'd feel all grown up and make his proud face as he held it and took a bite. Then he'd realize that it wasn't as easy to pick out his favorite pieces that way, so he would put it down and pull out the pieces he wanted to eat. But then he'd notice how I was eating them a moment later, and ask to have it rolled again. He's such a silly kid.

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