Saturday, May 24, 2014

Eighty One Weeks

More new things! Max now knows the letter P! He has also started saying "more" when he's signing for more. That's a big step! He's also saying "ball ball" for ball now, whoops! When Daddy taught him to say football, he replaced "ball" with "ball ball" and he thinks it's funny when we giggle. He also knows "toes" and likes to say it as he points at his cute little toes.

We finally bought bath crayons for Max. I'm not sure why I didn't buy them earlier, but they're a huge hit. He loves to draw on the bath walls, and he thinks it's great when I color with him. I'm not brave enough to teach him to draw on himself with them yet, because I'm trying to teach him to not color on himself with regular markers still. One step at a time, right? But he's loving them in the bath!

I was impressed last week that Max was so good with his farm animal puzzle. Well this week he's impressed me even more. He has become a pro with his alphabet puzzle! He can get all of the letters in their spots, all by himself! The pieces are pretty small, and there are a whole 26 of them (obviously), so this is quite a big deal! It's his favorite thing right now, aside from his trains of course.

After his bath at night, we always brush his teeth. He thinks it's a great event to mimic me and he thinks brushing his teeth is fun as a result. Well now he's wanting to rinse his toothbrush like mommy does while we brush our teeth. I'm holding him while we brush, and he'll just dive his body over to get some water on his brush. Then he gets all excited to put it back in his mouth.

Our little boy has such great manners. When he gets a snack in the living room, he'll pull his chair up to the table and sit down to eat it. He doesn't like to eat while he's standing now. Now we just have to work on the crumbs, but this is great progress.

Part of Max's Christmas gifts from Gramma Janet and Aunt Caitlin was a train track system with a motorized train. The train sings music and runs by itself. Max is obsessed with the train! He'll put the train behind couch to pull itself through to the other side. Then runs to the other side of the couch and waits for it. Over and over, like 15 times in a row. He also loves to play with trains under the blankets, like a tunnel. He'll put the train under the blanket and wait for me to say "is it in the tunnel?" He then nods, laughs, and pulls the train out to put it in the tunnel again. There's a tunnel in one of his Thomas movies, and apparently it has made a big impact on him!

This year, Max and I were both asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve. It had been a long week of traveling, and we were both pooped. It was a great couple of weeks away from work, just enjoying our little family. It will be so tough to go back to work, but I know we will get to do this next year. 

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