Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eighty Three Weeks

This weekend we had a lot of fun playing outside. Even in the cold weather, Max wanted to ride on his swing. He loves that thing! He likes to go down his slide and land in the snow with a big thump. Up and down, up and down, I don't know where he gets his stamina! He also spent a lot of time riding his truck on the street, or pushing it around. His snow pants and boots make it tough for him, but he pushes goes ahead with it anyway. We have two large red balls in the yard, and he's determined to hold one in each arm at the same time. So he's running around the yard with two balls in his arms up near his face, so he can barely see where he's doing. He would run for a few seconds, stumble and fall in the snow, and then go through the ball collecting process all over again. It was the silliest thing.

Tuesday was Max's surgery for ear tubes, which was tough. He didn't understand why we had to sit on his little bed and wait for the doctor for an hour, that was tough for him. It was so hard for me to bring him into the OR and hold him still to breathe in the sleeping gas while he cried for me. He was just so scared and didn't understand, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The surgery went well, but his recovery was tough for him. He was very groggy and wanted his mommy. Nursing made him feel a lot better though, he was back to normal within 45 minutes of surgery. Once we got home, he just wanted to go out and play. It was pouring outside, so we went to a local furniture store to let him run around while we looked for a new couch. He had a great time looking at the fish, and yelling "shishies" at them. He just loved those fish!

Aside from learning that he knows "shishie" for fish, he has also started saying tree and bubble. He knows the letters U and W. I love how he says W. It sounds like "dudda-you" and it's just so cute. It's a touch letter, more syllables than most, and he's so proud when he says it. He also knows the number 2! I really didn't imagine that he'd be learning letters and numbers so early. He's getting really good with building his train tracks and putting together. Last week he was just tearing the pieces apart as I put it together, but now he's building on his own (maybe he just didn't like how Mommy was setting it up?). At night, we sit at the top of the stairs and play trains on his tracks together before bed. He likes to play with one train and give me a train to play with. He is such a good sharer!

I love how silly my little boy is. He's always goofing around and playing for a laugh. The other day he was tackling me and putting my breast pads in my mouth (don't worry, they weren't yucky). He was pinning me down and wouldn't let me stop him from putting them in my mouth. I was laughing my head off as I fought him off, and he was giggling even harder. I just love his little belly laughs when he's being silly. He also likes to kiss me until I giggle, and growl at me too. I love that we're always laughing together and having fun. He's just so awesome.

My little helper isn't just helping me cook. Lately, he's been asking to sweep with me. He likes me to hold the big broom and while he holds the hand broom, or visa versa to clean the floor together. It's nice to have a little helper around!

We do lots of running around and chasing in the house. One of his new tricks is to run into the bathroom and close the door until I come and find him. He stands in there and tries to be quiet, but I can usually hear him giggling in excitement as he hears me calling his name at the door. Then I knock on the door and say "hello" and he just busts out laughing. It's hilarious! He even does this when the light is off, in the pitch dark! He never gets scared or cries, even if it takes me a few seconds to "find" him. Silly kid.

He's still in deep love with Thomas the Steam Engine. He gets all worked up when he sees that Thomas is coming on the TV. If he doesn't have trains in his hand, he frantically runs around until he finds a train to hold in each hand. Then he'll run right back up to the TV with the trains in his hands, and just stare at the screen in awe. He loves his little train friends! 

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