Friday, May 23, 2014

Eighty Weeks

We did a lot of traveling this week for Christmas. We even went to Maine to visit his Grampa (Sean's Dad). Grampa was carrying him around the house, showing him all of the animal sculptures and paintings. Grampa taught him to say "duck" while walking around looking at the duck pictures. There was a big moose sculpture at the end of the hall. Max kept asking to be picked up, and pointing down the hall for us to bring him to it. He was so excited to see it, because he's always pointing at the moose sticker on Sean's car. Maybe this summer he'll get to see a real moose!

We have some new words! Max woke up from a nap to see the Christmas tree all decorated, and he was so excited. He ran up to an ornament and said "did-tar" and I realized he was pointing at the guitar ornament. We were at his Gramma Janet and Aun Caitlin's house, and he was pointing out the window and yelling "boat" at a boat outside. I didn't even know that he knew that word yet!  Smart kid! He's been saying ball for a little while, but Daddy taught him "ball ball" for football when watching a game this weekend. He's very proud of himself when he says this word. He also knows neigh neigh (horse) and bah bah (sheep), and he loves his new barn animal play set. It's so cute to listen to him name the animals. He received an Elmo coloring book from his teachers at daycare, and he kept yelling "Elmo!" and coloring. That's what he was saying in this Christmas picture. He received a ton of gifts for Christmas, we're very spoiled. He is so excited about all of his new Thomas stuff, and even a new car!

We brought his farm animal puzzle and his shape sorter for our trip. I was so impressed with how good he is with these things now. There is no hesitation at all. He knows exactly where each animal goes, doesn't need to try different spots or positions, just slides them right into their spots. The same went for the shape sorter, he just knew exactly where they each went on his first try. So smart! He also knows the letters B and T. His favorite letter right now is B, and he calls his bee chair B too. He points and yells it, and give such a huge smile of pride.

Max was getting tons of attention this week while we were traveling, as he so deserves. He started doing the cutest thing. When he did something he was proud of, he would start to clap for himself. Then he would look around at everyone near him and wait for them to clap. Once that person clapped, he'd look at the next person that wasn't clapping until they joined in. Once everyone was clapping, he got so excited and made silly faces for us. He's such a ham! A very cute little ham!

He's growing up too fast! He can already put his own boots on his feet! He loves wearing his boots. He also loves to wear hats. Even inside. He can't put those on himself yet, but he still loves to wear them. He also love to say his food is hot, even when it's not. He'll say "hot" and ask for me to blow on his food. He's blowing on it too, and it's just so sweet. 

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