Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eighty Six Weeks

Max's sweet and loving personality is really coming out with something he has started doing. When he accidentally drops a toy, he has started to bend down and say "okay?" It's so sweet. He is definitely modeling after my behavior, even down to the bending over while he asks it. I have friends who tell me that their kids (same age) cuss when they drop their toys now, so I consider myself very lucky. What a good kid, right? So caring for his little toys.

We are still running around the house playing tag, he loves it so much. He loves to point at me and just laugh and laugh when I come out from hiding behind a wall or door. He loves to point, laugh, and then tackle me. His favorite way to get me to chase him is to start running when I tell him that it's time to change his diaper. When he hears "can I change your diaper" it must sound like "okay, let's play tag!" He hears me say it, looks up at me, and then takes off while laughing so hard. Then he just giggles and giggles as I wrestle with him while I change his diaper. Such a little jokester!

Max and I have been having a lot of fun with his bath crayons. He has been asking me to draw with him during bath time. I have been drawing his favorite shapes and letters. He gets so excited when I draw a star (his FAVORITE shape) or a car. He draws on top of the shapes and letters as I draw, and names them all as he goes. Bath graffiti is fun for us!

The letter H on his alphabet puzzle has a picture of a house behind it when you pick it up. Because of this, he calls the letter H "home" whenever he sees it. It's so sweet when he's naming all of his letters and he calls H "home" with pride. It's also adorable when he repeats "home" when we get home, and seems to happy to be there with us. He has also started saying coat, snow, outside and of course broom. Broom is a big one lately, especially with all of the sweeping.