Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eighty Eight Weeks

We have a new favorite show this week. Max loves watching Bubble Guppies lately. He says "bubba guppa" to request it, and he loves to watch several episodes in a row. His favorite part is when the fish swim in the show, and of course the music. He's in love with fish lately. He's also started saying "I see you" when he comes out from under the blanket or behind a corner. He used to point and laugh, but now he's saying the words too! Uh oh, we have trouble! He still love the letter W of course, it's been his favorite for a few weeks now.

Max seems to love ketchup like I do. I remember that I really like ketchup (still do) as a kid, so it's hilarious to watch him. He will start with his fries to eat the ketchup, but he quickly resorts to his fork or fingers to eat it up. He gets it all over the place, and then puts his arms up for a big hug. Sometimes I think he's planning this, clever little monster. Speaking of clever, he's learned a new trick when cleaning up during bath time. To get all of his bath letters together, he overlaps them in the water to make a long chain to pick up in one stroke, rather than one by one. How is he this smart already?

My favorite new thing this week has been something at daycare. When I come to pick him up, he runs up to me and says "home" over and over. Then he gets his bug hug and tries to leave on his own. He stands at the door and waits for me, or tries to escape on his own. He's walking out on his own too, which makes him seem so grown up to me!

Last night he brought my phone to me and said "did-cher" and waited for me to open the camera function. Then he posed for a bunch of pictures using the self-facing camera feature. Silly kid! He loves taking pictures and looking at his silly faces in the camera. I love to look at these faces! 

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