Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eighty Seven Weeks

Because Max loves his alphabet so much, I bought him some bath tub letters. He is obsessed with them! He's having a blast naming all of the letters, sticking them to the wall, and of course biting them. His favorite one is W of course, and he holds it for most of his bath. When it's time to clean up his toys at the end of bath, he enjoys naming them all as he puts them into the container.

Daddy bought Max a little Thomas tent this week! Max is loving it! He was just so excited when he first saw it, and just stared. He hasn't started enjoying going inside it yet, he thinks it's a toy to push around. So we have this little boy pushing this big tent around the house like it's a toy train. He's so funny. Daddy and I took turns sitting inside it with him, and he's getting more comfortable with it. I have a feeling that he will really love this tent over time.

We have a couple of new words. He loves to yell "oh no" while putting hands on side of face when he drops something or makes a mess. He must have picked this up at school from another kid, it's just hilarious to see. If his food falls off the plate, he drops a toy, anything. It's so funny. He also says "ta da" loudly whenever he does something special. The other night at dinner, he spent a couple of minute figuring out how to make his fork stand up straight out of the spout of his sippy cup. He was so serious and focused. Then I hear him yell "ta da!" the huge grin on his face showed that he was so very proud of himself. After all of that work, I would be too!

For Christmas, Grampa McGorty gave Max a big fish pillow. We had put it away and lost track of it until this week (he received a TON of presents, so I'm not surprised). This thing is longer than Max, and very soft and smooth. Max loves carrying it around the house now, intermittently stopping to hug it and look at it with his arms extended. He'll say "shishie" repeatedly as he carries it around with his happy smile. It's the funniest things that he latches on to, and it's just so funny. 

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